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Kamalani Academy haumāna are chiefly children. School uniforms strengthen a child’s sense of belonging, and for this reason we would like our haumāna to wear Kamalani uniforms. 


Nā Haumāna

are required to wear the school polo shirt in royal blue or goldenrod yellow with the school’s embroidered emblem on it. Nā haumāna are to wear tan, black, or navy blue bottoms.  Bottoms may include shorts, pants, skirts, skorts, capris, leggings, jumpers, etc. Shorts, skirts, and/or skorts are to be at least fingertip in length.* 


Students may wear sweaters and/or jackets, however, they must be a solid color and they must fasten in the front by a zipper or buttons.  


Closed-toe shoes must be worn at all times during school hours unless we receive written notice from the parent/guardian or healthcare provider stating the injury.**


Students who would like to wear earrings are encouraged to wear studs for safety reasons. If a student wants to wear dangly earrings, they must be no larger than the size of a U.S. Quarter. 


*Students who are not in the dress code will be required to wear “loaner” shirts/shorts. We will hold their clothing in the office until they return the “loaner” shirts/shorts at the end of the day. 

**Students who do not have closed-toe shoes will not be permitted to participate in recess or P.E.

Mahalo to students who are following the dress code! 

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