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Kamalani is a Na Mea Hawaii Arts Integration public charter school. As a public school, we are tuition-free and funded by taxpayers. We serve students in Grades K-8. Our students must meet the same academic standards as all other Hawaii public school students. Kamalani is open to all students.


Kamalani is located at 1403 California Avenue, Wahiawa, in the building previously occupied by Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School.


Our arts integration curriculum uses the arts (drama, dance, music, etc.) to teach the traditional academic subjects of math, reading, science, and social studies. A student need not have any particular artistic talent to attend Kamalani. We believe that all students can learn to enjoy the arts while enhancing their learning of academics. Our curriculum is modeled after the highly successful arts integration program at Pomaika`i Elementary on Maui and the Five Star, accredited Doral Academy Schools in Nevada. Click here to learn more about arts-integrated education.


Kamalani’s Hawaiian focus is an important part of who we are. Our students learn the Hawaiian language, dance, music, and culture. Our arts integration approach lends itself well to this. Kamalani students visit and study the sacred Kūkaniloko Birthing Stones. They learn to be stewards of the 'aina at the Wahiawa Botanical Gardens and in the Ahupua`a of Kaukonahua. It is our plan for Kamalani to take part in restoring Wahiawa’s ancient sandalwood forests.

Staff Emails

Name                                                                     Email Address

Abigail Wedow                                                       

Amanda Langston                                          

Angela Mabini                                                         

Annie Tangonan                                                 

April Godby                                                                   

Brittni Brown                                                                

Colleen Chapman                                          

Hannah Pickett                                                      

Hannah Vaden                                                      

Jordan Mori                                                                  

Joy Nitta                                                                             

Karina Ehret                                                                 

Kathleen Foster                                                     

Kawena Martinez                                               

Kristenmarie Jones                                        

Krystyl Clark                                                                 

Lawrie Kapanui-Alailima                      

Mariah Zane                                                               

Michelle Pritchett                                               

Paulette Akuna                                                       

Sage Fanene                                                             

Salome Wagner                                                  

Sydney Kushima                                                 

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