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The arts are a way of learning. Of course, the arts are worth knowing and doing all on their own to develop aesthetic skills and artistic ways of seeing. However, the arts also help kids understand the world, get excited about learning and express both who they are and what they know. This is why Kamalani Academy has embraced the arts as a fundamental piece of its vision. We are committed to preparing children for an exciting but uncertain future; and we believe that learning through the arts will help children be more flexible, creative, and disciplined in their thinking. Plus, students who learn through the arts become more mindful of their community. They must work together to achieve their goals, and they can only do this through communication, compromise, and collaboration. Students become citizens through the arts. They learn to empathize and see the viewpoints of others. Research also shows they can learn fundamental skills for life – reading, writing, and arithmetic – all through the arts. The arts prepare Kamalani students for a tomorrow that they can only imagine today.

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